NAAC Visit:
NAAC Peer Team Visit to our college on 3rd & 4th Dec, 2012.
Peer Team Visit Members : Mr.Y.Vaikunthan (Chairperson) ,
Prof.Meenakshi Sharma (Member Co-ordinator),
Dr.Meena Prakash Kute (Member)


I. Duration of the Course:
The courses of study shall be for duration of one academic year consisting minimum of 180 working days/Curriculum transaction days or 1080 hours (6 days per week at 6 hours per day).
The 180 working days will include teaching practice, revision examinations and study holidays.

II. Course Detail:

    CORE I: Education in the Emerging Indian Society
    CORE II: Psychology of Learning and Human Development
    CORE III: Educational Innovations and Management
    The College offers the following four Elective Papers among the four; one Elective paper has to be chosen by each student.
    • Perspectives in Special Education
    • Computers in Education
    • Environmental Education
    • Guidance and counselling
    Each student has to study first optional subject Paper I based on their parent discipline (major subject) at the UG level and the second optional subject of study shall be based on their ancillary subjects Paper I or Teaching of
    Tamil Paper - I or Teaching of English Paper - I at the UG level.
    • Teaching of Tamil
    • Teaching of English
    • Teaching of Mathematics
    • Teaching of Physical Science
    • Teaching of Biological Science
    • Teaching of History
    • Teaching of Commerce
    • Teaching of Computer Science


Teaching practice is mandatory for all Student teachers to complete their B.Ed., course. The student teachers should undergo 40 working days in schools, where they have to train their teaching competency, prepare teaching aids, records etc. They will be observed by the teacher educators during the Teaching practice.

Name of the Files/Records to be prepared

  • Observation Record Optional I
  • Demonstration Record optional I
  • Micro Teaching File optional I
  • Teaching Practice optional I File
  • Instructional Material File optional I
  • Test and Measurement File optional I
  • Observation Record Optional II
  • Demonstration Record optional II
  • Micro Teaching File optional II
  • Teaching Practice optional II File
  • Instructional Material File optional II
  • Test and Measurement File optional II
  • Educational Technology File
  • Case Study Record
  • Action Research Record
  • Psychology Experiments Record
  • CT Camp File
  • Physical Education File
  • SUPW Record and products
  • Text Book Review File for optional I


Library is the life blood of academic activities. A well furnished library is the store house of knowledge. The library is spacious and contains separate reading section for students with more than 10,000 Books and Journals.

Other Facilities

  • Seminar Hall
  • Science laboratory
  • Education Technology Laboratory
  • Psychology Laboratory
  • Language Laboratory
  • Computer laboratory
  • Physical Education and Health Education
  • Facilities have been provided for learning Arts and Crafts, music and other talents.
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